Private lessons: Local and Online

  • 30 minute lesson (recurring) - $100/month.

  • 30 minute lesson (drop-in) - $35/lesson.

Group lessons: Local only

  • 50 minute beginner group lessons (4 student minimum) - $100/month.

Classes with less than 3 students are subject to standard rate.

Student Policy


  • Students are required to pay their monthly tuition in advance (this applies to drop-in students).

  • Payments must be received by the first lesson of each month.

  • A $15 late fee will be assessed on all payments made after the 10th of the month.

Lesson attendance

Students are required to be present for each lesson throughout the session. When you enroll for your lessons, you are reserving that specific time/day. You are not only paying for the one on one time with the instructor you are also paying for us to hold your time slot. We do offer lessons throughout spring break to those who are in town and or available.  Lessons run through the summer as well.


Students are expected to practice outside of class. Regular practice is essential to the students success.  The sooner they practice after each class the more information they will retain. Parental involvement is also necessary with elementary aged students. Please help your child in training to establish good practice habits. They will reap the rewards — guaranteed!


Students who cancel with 24 hours or more notice will be given a make up credit to use for a make up lesson. If the student fails to show up or cancel within the 24 hour policy the lesson will not be made up.  If the student is 15 minutes late that lesson time will be forfeited. If for some reason the teacher cannot make the assigned lesson time the student will also be given another make up credit to be used at a later date.


We do not pro-rate monthly lesson tuition due to student absences during the school year. During the summer months I will be able to prorate weeks students are gone for vacations. I will still be offering make up sessions. One on one-makeup lessons will only be available during gaps in my weekly teaching schedule. It will be up to the student or parent to check the weekly schedule to secure a private makeup session through the website. I will also be offering group make up sessions one Saturday every six weeks. The group make up will be scheduled based on student’s ages and skill levels. We will be doing a fun group lesson where we will learn or write a song and play it as a group. We will also be using these group make up sessions as clinics from time to time where we will discuss different topics related to music and guitar playing and general music development.

5-week months and Teacher Flex weeks

Lesson tuition is based on 4 monthly lessons. Based on the calendar year there are four 5-week months. So there are 4 months every year with 5 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. As a result everyone has essentially been getting 4 bonus lessons each year at no extra cost.

I will be referring to these weeks as flex weeks. Tuition will remain the same for every month of the year. Instead of accounting for and therefore charging more for these months I am going to take 2 flex weeks per year on which we will not be teaching. We plan to take one during Christmas break and one during the summer months. We’ll be giving at least a month’s notice for the week we will not be teaching during the summer months. That leaves two more flex weeks throughout the year on which we will still be teaching.

Ultimately this means everyone will still be getting two bonus lessons per year at no additional cost.

Stopping Lessons

If you decide that you no longer want to take lessons please notify us at least a month in advance. If you decide that you need to stop lessons in the middle of the month no refund will be given for the remainder of the month. Your time slot is designated to you and if you decide you need to stop taking lessons we need to be able to open the time slot as soon as possible so that another student can be scheduled in your place.

Online Payment

PayPal is preferred through your Acuity Scheduling account. If you don’t have PayPal you can write a check or pay via Venmo.