Singer and songwriter Jordan Marcotte blends soulful vocals and genre-defying melodies to present music centered on a message of hope. The Kansas City native taught himself piano and guitar as a teenager and quickly discovered that songwriting allowed him to articulate emotions and responses in a way that moved the hearts of others as significantly as it moved his own.

Like so many, Jordan developed his craft in the church. As a worship leader, his passion to connect with people through relatable lyrics and melody was revealed.  From the time that “Good Shepherd” was written, until 2014 when it was recorded and released on the Leaning EP, Jordan matured in craftsmanship. Shortly after picking up a guitar for the first time, Jordan’s gift for connecting to the hearts of people through music brought him to stages across the United States and abroad. 

His latest single, “Like Wine,” showcases his development as an artist and his ability to eclipse genres and still connect with listeners at the heart level. Now based out of Los Angeles, Marcotte continues to perform locally and tour while promoting “Like Wine” and “If I Got You,” now available to download and stream.